We advise you and help you find the best partners, suppliers, and collaborators to manufacture any type of product in China. CNEX has an extensive network of contacts in China, which allows us to guarantee the best quality, at the lowest cost, in the manufacture of our client’s products. Thanks to new technologies, it is not difficult to find manufacturers anywhere in the world. However, the added value of CNEX in this sense is that we are there, we know the market and we can guarantee that your product will be manufactured by qualified professionals at a cost that is optimized to the maximum. Our company searches for suppliers and/or manufacturers and carries out an exhaustive analysis of the demanded product.

Manufacturer search and selection

This phase is of vital importance to import successfully. The search for the manufacturer or supplier must go beyond simple contact or personal knowledge: we must be sure of their reliability, and check their working methods, machinery, and technology used, along with countless other aspects.

Practical study of market and product in China

Once we have selected the manufacturer or supplier, the next step is to analyze the feasibility of manufacturing in China. If the product meets all the requirements and the cost is correct, a sample or model will be prepared so that the client can check and approve it before proceeding to mass production.

Quality certificates for imports from China to the country of destination

It is very important to make sure that the product complies with the manufacturing quality standards required in the country of destination, in this way we prevent any problem in customs controls. At CNEX we guarantee that we can meet any standard and/or quality certificate required.

Calculation of actual import costs

In an import, many variables can affect the final price of the product and that must be taken into account. So that the client knows exactly the cost of the item or product, we make a detailed price list with all the expenses and items noted in detail.


Our product management and development includes, in addition to the improvement of existing products, the creation of completely new products designed for a specific market. Constant product development is a necessity that every company, striving for the future of its profits and success, must keep up to date. Competitive product development must include the total commitment of the company to create products that cover the specific needs of its target. This should include consumer expectations in the following terms: High-quality or low-cost products, products that provide speed and/or flexibility, or products with some other added value in the market.

Our team of professionals, engineers, and designers are specialists in making your ideas and projects into tangible and viable realities.

QA (Quality Control)

We systematically follow quality controls that guarantee the product quality is maintained or even improved, and that manufacturing faults are reduced, or even eliminated. Our quality controls require the parties involved to create the ideal environment in which management and employees jointly strive for excellence in each of the production and management phases. This is done by a team of professionals, creating product quality standards, and testing and analyzing the products to statistically verify any slightest deviation.

A notable aspect of our quality controls is the establishment of precise controls in key phases of production. These tests make it possible to standardize both production and correction in quality aspects. Limit the margin of error by specifying which procedures have to be carried out by which personnel, reducing the chances that employees do not carry out activities for which they have not been adequately trained.

Integration and project management

Putting strategic plans and tactics into action is the main step in linking the planning phase with the achievement of objectives, making project implementation the most important point of planning efforts. The work of a Project Manager is marked by an endless number of intertwined temporary objectives, and meeting all of them is crucial for their success.

The management of your business in China should pursue a single purpose: the success of the project, maximizing the opportunities offered by the market, and minimizing the potential risks that may appear. At CNEX we take care to follow all the implementation procedures of your project in an agile and simplified way.



We manage the entire process of your business in China: from the start of production to the shipment and delivery of the final products. We make sure that the product is sent according to the approved sample models, meeting the quality standards agreed upon with the client and sending them in perfect condition.

Control of products for export

Review and verification of the product before shipment and/or shipment. As soon as the production phase is finished, CNEX will proceed to supervise the loading of the products in the container to avoid mistakes and ensure that the product will not be damaged during transportation.

Transportation management from China to the selected port of destination

We work with the best international transport agencies to guarantee that the purchase made in China arrives in the best conditions, and at the agreed time, at its destination. We manage all types of transport: maritime, air, and ground indistinctly.

Export documentation management

We offer an exclusive and unique service in the market to exporters, complying with all the certification and legalization needs. Thanks to our large database of collaborators and extensive experience, we can offer you the required services for a fast and incident-free documentary process.

We understand that your product is very valuable and your delivery deadlines are strict. We understand that you have invested a lot of time, effort, and experience in creating your product to bring it to fruition. We put a serious effort into making sure your products are packed quickly, safely, and efficiently. Our team has extensive experience in handling any type of product and adapting packaging processes in the most effective way possible. Tell us your needs and we will make them come true efficiently.

Import and Transportation from the port to the customer's warehouse

We ship and manage products from China through customs all over the world. When the purchased merchandise arrives at the port of destination, CNEX is in charge of making the delivery to the customer's warehouse.

Optimizing Manufacturing: Customized Solutions for a Constantly Changing World

In a dynamic and ever-changing manufacturing environment, optimization becomes essential for success. CNEX stands out by offering customized solutions that adapt to the constantly evolving market demands. From product rebranding to bespoke packaging design, CNEX is committed to providing its clients with the necessary tools to excel in a competitive world. With a focus on innovation and efficiency, CNEX drives progress and excellence in the manufacturing industry.


CNEX stands out in the manufacturing world for its focus on innovation, efficiency, and quality. Specializing in product rebranding, white label services, and customized packaging design, CNEX is committed to offering solutions tailored to their clients' needs. From conceptualization to production, CNEX strives to drive the success of each project with dedication and expertise.


CNEX complements its range of professional services with full business consultors and management services. From mere commercial advice and pricing policy to managing all administrative and commercial tasks, acting as a marketer/distributor of your products nationally or internationally. Not only will we sell your products, but our marketing and communication department can take care of all the required steps to advertise your product or brand in the fastest and most efficient way possible. CNEX has a wide commercial network and international distributors that allows us to position products on the market in record time, which even allows us to obtain valuable information on market penetration with minimal risk.

Strategic consulting

Among the advisory and support services that CNEX offers to its clients, there is a complete strategic consulting service in which we will develop all the analysis, market research, and products required to achieve the best growth tactics and strategies. To this end, all the marketing and communication resources acquired in the years of experience already covered by CNEX will be used. After the analytical phase, a Business Plan will be created, together with a Marketing and Communication Plan in which a whole series of objectives will be established to achieve success in the shortest possible time.

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